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We Glaze You!

Inside the Kitchen

At The Donut Shop we  put a lot of heart, soul and hard work into what we love to do and share it with you.  At our shop we  strive to give our guests  the best experience   appreciate every single step in the donut-making process. Come and join, be aware  we are highly addictive!

Origin and Inspiration

Our donuts  are passionately handmade. Each  worker passionately perfects  the craft of artisan donut making  and freshness and fullness of flavours.


We have fine tuned our recipe, the dough is made everyday  in several small batches throughout the day to ensure every customers has the best fresh  experience at any time when they visit our cosy shop downtown.

We use high quality ingredients combining with the nordic  style  in every single batch. Each single donut is hand-cut and gently fried. Each single donut is also hand glazed with many different flavours and toppings. We are not making donuts, but art and each donut has a personality, Two donuts are never the same